Her Shoes

It’s easy to mistake kindness for love and love for kindness. The key isn’t knowing the difference between the two nor being able to graciously accept when she is wrong but in being able to carefully manipulate the situation back to how she had originally perceived it. The bigger key is to make her momentarily […]

  She loves me and that is why she tries to make me hate her. She wants at least some of my hatred to be channeled away from myself. She is so patient. She is testing me because she wants me to admit that I feel the same way. She is keeping her distance as […]

Professional Space

I like my new psychiatrist but I don’t love him. I loved my old psychiatrist but I hate her. He is kind, smart, funny at times and seems to understand a lot about me. She was basically a relative. She was my friend. She was a pathetic psychiatrist but I don’t think I was seeing […]

Why I Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Valentine’s Day

I’m usually single on this day and I don’t care. I’ve either broken up with people just before to avoid the whole V-Day hype or I choose sucky relationships which don’t last long. If I am dating someone, I don’t want to expect romance on a particular day. I want it given to me at […]

Love Doesn’t Always Equal Acceptance

“She hates me. She’s never yelled at me like that before.” I say to my family as we’re driving. I recount all of the “mean” things she’s said to me lately. “I know she doesn’t mean to sound so mean but I seriously think she hates me.” I add. My mother turns around to face […]