You Work For Me: Before My Appointment With My Psychologist

The first thing I will say is, “No!” Okay, I might say hello or something first so I don’t seem like a complete bitch but I don’t want her to ask about how I’ve been over the past few weeks. I need help now and if she can’t help me in the present moment, what […]

Who You Gonna Call?

Not Ghostbusters, that’s for sure. They’d probably try to vacuum me up with their ghost sucker. Dear Mental Health Team who abandoned me, Yes, I am sticking with abandonment. It felt like that at the time and it still does months later. I understand that you don’t have the money resources to help everyone. I […]

Here’s A Gun

Here’s a gun, it will protect you, you will feel safe. When you have it on you, you will be able to get through those difficult situations. Take this gun. Hell, take this other gun too. I see you’ve been carrying those guns around for a while…about that…It’s really not safe for you to have […]


I appear to function fairly “normally” when I take certain meds and by “normally” I mean in a more socially acceptable way but by no means like a “regular” person. Here comes the negative talk. I’m a cheater, I am a total fraud. People think I am doing so much better but take away my […]