Does that really sound like something I would say?

“Dad isn’t feeling well so we will have to reschedule lunch. I know you’re disappointed.” He’s not being sarcastic. My brother says this over the phone with sincerity which baffles me. “What are you talking about? You know I was nervous and didn’t even want to go!” I say back. “I know you’re disappointed.”, he […]

That’s So Cool

I wake up with classical music playing in my head: my own funeral. It’s too bright outside. As much as I hated winter, I have trouble adapting to the sunshine and the smells of spring seeping through my window. In my dreams I fly a lot. I fly from spinning swing rides and crash into […]

Appropriate Threats

One of my family members is a compulsive liar. This is how our conversations seem to go lately- Borderline VS Liar: B- Why the hell don’t you answer your phone anymore? It’s impossible to get a hold of you! What if I needed you? L- Sorry, my phone was on silent. B- Bullshit it was […]