Does that really sound like something I would say?

“Dad isn’t feeling well so we will have to reschedule lunch. I know you’re disappointed.” He’s not being sarcastic. My brother says this over the phone with sincerity which baffles me. “What are you talking about? You know I was nervous and didn’t even want to go!” I say back. “I know you’re disappointed.”, he […]

That’s So Cool

I wake up with classical music playing in my head: my own funeral. It’s too bright outside. As much as I hated winter, I have trouble adapting to the sunshine and the smells of spring seeping through my window. In my dreams I fly a lot. I fly from spinning swing rides and crash into […]

Foot In Mouth

Believe it or not, I’ve always been awkward and socially inept but that never stopped me from having friends. In my silence and insecurity, more dominant people were able to flourish without worrying about having a shadow cast upon them by my personality. I was bossy and manipulative but rarely in an obvious way. My […]

A tip, an encounter and some energy

I have heaps of energy today. I spent a good part of the morning dancing in my bedroom in front of a mirror. That sounds really narcissistic but I swear I only look at myself so that I can laugh. I make up crazy dance moves and I look so stupid! It felt good to […]

Jumbled Words?

Occasionally when I scramble around town, I bump into acquaintances. Usually I will pretend I don’t see them, hurry off in the other direction or give a quick smile of acknowledgement. Sometimes I can’t escape small talk and I hate it. A typical conversation goes something like this:   Them: How have you been? (They […]