More Waiting

A doctor’s waiting room in the middle of the day. Several white-haired patients reading outdated magazines, a couple of mothers with sniffy children and me, by the door, trying to keep as far away from everyone as possible. Problem number one is what to do with my hands. My feet are shuffling away under my […]

Testing each other

“The psychiatrist I was seeing back then didn’t really do anything…” “Who was that?” “Just a psychiatrist. It doesn’t matter. She hates me.” “Why would she hate you?” “They all hate me… So how did I do on those tests?” I have a new psychologist, which sounds stupid after I wrote not long ago about […]

The end of therapy?

It’s not like me to be dramatic or anything, ha. You’ll probably see a pattern here. I am exceptionally good at rage-quitting therapy. I got into a huge fight with my moderately (generally) okay psychiatrist after he kept me waiting for 30 minutes while he went out to lunch with a colleague. He wouldn’t take […]

Because sometimes you just have to f*cking do things

A bed is never more comfortable than when you’re supposed to be getting up. You’re grouchy but you get up anyway because if you don’t, you’ll be late for your appointment and you’re never late. You force some cereal into your mouth. Breakfast is normal. Eating is good for you. You shower and get dressed. […]

I’m Still In The Gift Shop

I went to my psychiatrist fully prepared to demand more out of our sessions. It didn’t really work out. She did pretty much run on time though, which was AMAZING! She is never on time. I couldn’t scowl at her as I had prepared to! Me: Remember that letter from the other psychiatrist who evaluated […]

Well That Was Weird.

Firstly, had a therapy session with the psychologist and I almost lost it, which isn’t really fair because she seems nice but I think she is a bit forgetful. Firstly, she had to quickly do something that she forgot to do earlier so I was like, “no worries, do what you need to.” I was […]

High Five To Me!

After weeks and weeks of staring at an intimidatingly long list of local psychologists, I finally worked up the courage to call one. I spoke directly to her and she seems really nice. I have made an appointment for next week and I am so nervous but really proud of myself. I explained my financial […]

I have a new friend :)

Feeling cruddy makes me isolate and today I had to see my psychiatrist because I needed to touch base and find out if the other psychiatrist who did an assessment of me had sent the report. It wasn’t the greatest session and I felt deflated afterwards but instead of hovering around tall buildings and being […]