More Waiting

A doctor’s waiting room in the middle of the day. Several white-haired patients reading outdated magazines, a couple of mothers with sniffy children and me, by the door, trying to keep as far away from everyone as possible. Problem number one is what to do with my hands. My feet are shuffling away under my […]

Testing each other

“The psychiatrist I was seeing back then didn’t really do anything…” “Who was that?” “Just a psychiatrist. It doesn’t matter. She hates me.” “Why would she hate you?” “They all hate me… So how did I do on those tests?” I have a new psychologist, which sounds stupid after I wrote not long ago about […]

The pros, cons and I dunnos of giving up therapy

I have to use the word “therapy” very loosely here because most of those rage-inducing one-on-ones were hardly therapeutic but I lack a better collective term so I’ll stick with therapy for now. I never returned to my psychiatrist after the disaster that was our last session and I haven’t bothered to find anyone else. […]

The end of therapy?

It’s not like me to be dramatic or anything, ha. You’ll probably see a pattern here. I am exceptionally good at rage-quitting therapy. I got into a huge fight with my moderately (generally) okay psychiatrist after he kept me waiting for 30 minutes while he went out to lunch with a colleague. He wouldn’t take […]