More Waiting

A doctor’s waiting room in the middle of the day. Several white-haired patients reading outdated magazines, a couple of mothers with sniffy children and me, by the door, trying to keep as far away from everyone as possible. Problem number one is what to do with my hands. My feet are shuffling away under my […]

We are scary, you guys

Before my brother and his girlfriend had fully moved into their new apartment, his girlfriend spent one night there alone and there was an incident. Apparently one of the neighbours had a “psych episode” and was running through the hallways screaming. Eventually he stopped, or the police came or something but my brother’s girlfriend was […]

How and when

The dramatic moments make me think of it as an easy way out. My lonely and free hours make me think of it because what am I going to do with my life? When I have time to actually consider things properly and lay everything out in my mind then possibly I can keep going […]