How’s your self-love?

Maybe she could read my aura, maybe I am easy to pick as someone who struggles a bit, maybe she was a little odd too or maybe she simply saw my scars and decided to ask how I am in the nicest possible way.

“How’s your self-love?”, she asked after I purchased something from her.

“I’m sorry, what?”, I replied.

“Your self-love.. How is your self-love?”, Her eyes stared deep into my own as she searched for some sort of answer.

“Oh, not a whole lot of self-love here.”, I chuckled.

She looked like she was going to cry. “Oh no, I want to help you.”, she said as she walked around to my side of the table. “Let me give you a hug.”

I felt a bit awkward as this lovely stranger who was full of concern gave me a hug but it was kind so I thanked her.

“You’re great! Remember that. Sometimes I have to remind myself that too. You’re okay as you are.”, she told me.

“Thank you… You’re great too! I’ll try to remember that.”, I replied and I walked away still not bursting with self-love but loving this crazy world and some of the beautiful people in it quite a bit more.


8 thoughts on “How’s your self-love?

  1. You have so many interesting encounters in your life. Maybe it’s Australia! Where I’m from people stick to themselves. + there’s a lot less (can you say that?) people around here.

    Hope 2017 becomes your best year yet.

    • Hi Marie, nice to see you here! Most people here tend to stick to themselves too but some parts of my city are more alternative and friendly, I guess. For some reason I tend to attract some strange encounters, even though I believe I do not look friendly or approachable at all.
      Thank you, I really hope you have a wonderful 2017 and I wish you lots of peace (and self-love!)

      • Haha, I bet you’re more friendly and approachable than you think!

        Thanks for wishing me self-love, that’s like … you know, for a person that struggles to believe someone else can care for me and love me, that’s kind of the best thing to wish me. What if self-love could be enough? What if we could start living our lives for ourselves and to fulfill our own wants, and desires, and not just strive to be seen as the apple of someone else’s eyes.

      • You’re so nice!
        I do! I thought of starting a new one last year, but when I came back from a long time gone, it didn’t feel like mine anymore, while the original one still did, and I went back to that one. 😛

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