She helped me a little bit too

She turns to me in the cleaning products aisle. “Is this shampoo?”, she asks as she holds up a bottle of bleach. “No, no!”, I exclaim. She’s old and tiny, such a poor, little love. “Shampoo is down that way.”, I point in the right direction as she stares back blankly. “I’ll take you down there.”, I say kindly.

Her accent is thick. Greek maybe? Italian? It is hard to understand her as she picks up various bottles of shampoo and asks me questions. Her hair is a dry puff of white that crowns her sweet little face. Why hasn’t she got anyone else helping her?

She tells me that she wants “2 in 1” and I look around for a shampoo and conditioner combo, which I eventually find for around $3. She is so pleased with the price that she asks me to get her another bottle. At least for a while she wont have to buy any more. As she thanks me I make sure she is headed in the right direction towards the checkouts. I hope that this was just a random trip to the supermarket and that she has family or a carer who help her with grocery shopping and around the house. Short of surrendering my day and invading hers, there is nothing more I can do so I say goodbye and head back to the cleaning products with a hint of a smile on my face.


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