Her arms, my arms

Halloween is here and every year it seems to become more popular in Australia. I don’t really care about Halloween itself but I usually appreciate the effort people go to with costumes. Some of them are really creative. The other day however, I saw a costume that made me furious.

I’ll mention now that this was a daytime Halloween event that I happened to stop by, just to see what it was like. There were heaps of children around so it came as a surprise to me to see a grown woman dressed up as, well, I am not sure exactly. A psych patient? A suicide victim? She had obviously watched a tutorial on fake cuts and scars so wow, good on her. She didn’t look gory and cool like I don’t know, a zombie or a ghost. She just looked fucked up and it really bothered me. She had a huge fake cut on her neck and then up her arms were bloody, fake self-harm cuts.

Sooo spooky…

I can understand the appeal of dressing up as a “crazy person” in a straight jacket or whatever. It’s still pretty offensive but seems to fit well with a scary theme. Having realistic looking cuts like that woman had though is just so wrong. What was she teaching the kids that were gathered around her?  I felt like she needed a trigger warning.

She got to wipe off her cuts at the end of the day but those of us who have hurt ourselves are stuck with reminders of the pain we have been through. We’re not a costume and we aren’t monsters but I felt hideous after seeing that woman so I kept my arms close to my body.

I really liked the person who dressed up as Donald Trump though. Now that was fucking scary!


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