Unfit guardian of the bees

Just before my shower today there was a peculiar humming sound coming from my bathroom light/fan. I immediately investigated, expecting some sort of malfunction and discovered a sweet little bee buzzing around inside the fixture. The poor guy was in a panic so I switched off the light and fan to allow him to find a way out, which he did fairly quickly but then he was buzzing like mad as he tried to get out of my bathroom window.

I’ve always loved bees and I’ve scooped many out of pools and fountains. If I come across one which is dying, I’ll place it gently into a garden. This little dude who was trying to get outside deserved to be released and so I found a jar and some cardboard to catch him with.

Unfortunately my timing was off. In the process of getting the cardboard under the jar with the bee becoming more and more aggressive, I accidentally trapped and hurt one of his tiny little legs. I watched as he flew around the jar with one leg sticking out motionlessly and I felt like the biggest monster in the world.

“I am so sorry.”, I said again and again as my eyes filled with tears. I thought about how much pain he must have been in and how scared he must have felt. I considered letting him sting me out of revenge but I knew that he would die, if he did. I wondered if he would recover from his injury. Maybe it was just like a bruise or a sprain. Could he live without his leg? If he found other bees, would they be able to help him?

I couldn’t bear to look at him any longer so I crept outside with the jar and released him in a shady part of the garden. He limped along a leaf and I hurried back inside, hoping he would fly far away from here. Far away from me.



2 thoughts on “Unfit guardian of the bees

  1. This is what makes you so special. Perhaps we need 3 S’s special sunbeams and smiles. The bee probably went to the bee doc and has a nice pension now. Oh and tells stories about your shower…. eeeeps. 😉

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