The lovely universe

I missed a phone call today from an old friend. We were in an outpatient group together years ago and kind of lost contact for a while until maybe two years ago when we ran into each other at the same outpatient place. We exchanged numbers again but never caught up because life is busy and scary and even with the best intentions people drift apart.

When I saw that I had missed her call I was thrown into a little panic. What did she want? Is she okay? What if she wants to meet up?

I put off calling her back for an hour because I am hopeless at talking on the phone. I considered texting her but that seemed even more rude that not calling, especially if something serious was going on. Eventually, before I could talk myself out of it, I pressed “call”.

“Hi S&S, how are you?”, she answered casually.

“Hi! I’m okay, how are you?”, I replied.

“Good thanks. I have a list of things I called you about but I am not sure where I put it. Uhm, let me think. Oh yeah, I emailed you the bill and I wanted to thank you for your emails…”

I became really concerned and confused at this point.

“Uh, I never emailed you.”, I said slowly. I was scared that she was having a manic or psychotic episode and I wasn’t really sure how to handle it.

“Is this S&S?”

“Yeah. S&S from the hospital group.”

“Oh! You’re just calling to say hello?”

“You called me earlier today. I am returning your call.”

Then it all clicked for her and she realised she had confused me with someone who shares my name. She was really excited when she knew it was me. “It was meant to be!”, she said and I agreed. I told her I don’t usually call people back but decided to be brave today and she was so happy. We had a long chat and it wasn’t awkward or anything. She has moved out of the city but asked if we could stay in contact. Knowing how much we both find phone calls difficult, she asked if we could text each other. I said that was a great idea.

So there were go. The lovely universe brought us back together and gave each of us something to smile about.


5 thoughts on “The lovely universe

  1. This is a lovely post. I am so glad that you were reunited with someone from your past. Well done for making the phone call I can sympathise with how difficult it is. I am following you so that I can read more! Good luck.

  2. It is lovely when things like that happen I think. At least you know someone who really understands how you feel about making phone calls and the reasons why but even better when you you can become friends.

    Shirley Anne x

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