We are scary, you guys

Before my brother and his girlfriend had fully moved into their new apartment, his girlfriend spent one night there alone and there was an incident. Apparently one of the neighbours had a “psych episode” and was running through the hallways screaming. Eventually he stopped, or the police came or something but my brother’s girlfriend was left terrified.

She refused to be alone in their apartment after that. If my brother was out then she was out. If she had a day off work then she would visit family. I asked my brother if the neighbour had done anything else since that night and he said that they hadn’t seen him or heard him.

One night and one “episode”where a neighbour might have forgotten to take his medication or might have just had a really shitty day but he was to be feared always. My brother’s girlfriend took it further though. She contacted the real estate agent and wanted to get out of their lease because it wasn’t disclosed that someone like that was in the building.

Um, what?

I got really offended. I understood being scared by someone who is being loud, disruptive and unpredictable. I would have been scared too and had it been a frequent occurrence then I might have considered contacting the agent but I wouldn’t have expected to get out of a lease. I was offended because I’ve had “episodes” too, although I haven’t been out in the hallways screaming. What if my neighbours had complained about me? Should people who have “episodes” not be able to live with everyone else?

The fact is ANYONE could have a meltdown at ANY moment. Everyone has the potential to be unpredictable. You can’t really control who lives in your building and even if everyone seems okay, that could easily change.


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