God, you’re so miserable!

I’m beating myself up over this but at the same time it felt kind of good and that makes me a terrible person, right?

Today as I walked into a shop I was greeted by a woman who was waaaaay too perky. She basically pounced on me and said, “Hi! How are you today?”

I don’t know why I had to be so rude, normally I am pretty great at pretending to be a polite sort of person but not today. I answered in the most sarcastic voice I have, “GREAT”, with a deadpan expression on my face. I kept walking as I said it so she could clearly see that I was a miserable human being.

I did a circle of the shop and slipped out quickly without buying anything. I felt so embarrassed by my behaviour. As I walked around some other shops I started to feel a bit empowered. I thought that maybe this is how I will interact with people now. Why should I pretend to be actually great or fine or okay?

Such miserable thoughts!


4 thoughts on “God, you’re so miserable!

  1. Many years ago I went thru a stage of not responding @ all to salesclerks & being cold toward waitstaff. I wanted my privacy … haha in public. Aside from being shocked & offended they seemed insecure enough that if I suddenly behaved nicely they showed appreciation! Discovered a new way to manipulate! You’d think people would be less forgiving. I agree it’s difficult to live w/the expectation that we’re fine. Who is?

    • Privacy is important, especially in public. Those short conversations with sales assistants or whoever seem so pointless. Every now and then though I come across people who make me smile because they seem to actually want to spread kindness and not shove a “hey, how are you?” in your face.
      I guess these people wont remember all of the customers who said they were great or whatever but they will remember you and I for our different ways of responding…

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