Take a hint, real world

If I’m avoiding eye-contact and generally giving off a vibe of disinterest in your presence, you can be pretty sure that I don’t want to talk to you.

Why do some people insist on trying to break the barrier? Is it to boost themselves up because I have nothing new or interesting to say to them? Is it like some twisted form of charity work where they think they are actually helping me? Do they get pleasure out of seeing me squirm?

I’ll give strangers the benefit of the doubt and assume they haven’t registered my blatantly obvious social cues but people who don’t know me well but know me enough have no excuse. I have shown that I will go along with conversations about the weather or about my cat. I’ll discuss current events as long as they don’t allow much room for conflicting opinions. Small talk can be boring as hell but I will engage in it because sometimes that is just what I have to do. See how polite I can be?

When you ask me a question and my answer is, “Fine.”, I am not inviting any follow up questions. If you keep pushing you will get something along the lines of “The easiest answer is fine.” or “We’ll see…”, most likely followed by an awkward smirk. Don’t frown and saunter off because I haven’t met your expectations.

Eventually the people who always wanted you to go out will stop asking so why can’t some people understand that I have no problem shutting them down again and again in the hope that they will give up as well?




Footnote- This post is only relevant to my life outside of the computer so feel free to talk about anything with me here!




3 thoughts on “Take a hint, real world

  1. Oh phew we can talk about anything, kk, so why is it called elbow macaroni? Why not knee macaroni? OH and what would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?


    I am sending goofy hugs.

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