He couldn’t let me have the final say

Today I found out that I wasn’t the only one who decided that I wouldn’t be going back to see my old psychiatrist. Dr Dumbshit himself wrote a letter back to my referring doctor (my gp) and I managed to get a glimpse of it. It wasn’t very nice.

I saw my GP today to get some prescriptions because I no longer have a psychiatrist and he mentioned that Dr Dumbshit had made contact. He pulled up a letter on his computer but I don’t think he wanted me to read what it actually said. I managed to catch the drift of it anyway. Basically he said that I am sarcastic and non-compliant. He mentioned that we had an argument in our last session because he ran late. He didn’t mention that he was out to lunch with his colleague and his colleague’s wife and ran late because he didn’t have the guts to speak up and say he had to get back to his office.

“So this is him effectively washing his hands clean of me?” I asked my GP. I half expected that it was just some sort of progress report but my GP nodded and said, “yes.” I don’t know why but I stared to get really teary.

Dr Dumbshit couldn’t even let me have a choice. He couldn’t give me the final say. He wrote that letter before I had fully decided that I wasn’t going back to him. I hate him so much now.

Maybe it seems like a good thing because I didn’t want to go back to him anyway but it’s not. It hurts that he has given up on me. I hate that he’s now excused himself from my fucked up life and is therefore not legally responsible in any way for my current state. I hate what he wrote about me. Luckily my GP is sensible and said he took what was said in the letter with a grain of salt.

I hope Dr Dumbshit has a really mediocre life.


10 thoughts on “He couldn’t let me have the final say

  1. He’s a lazy & lousy therapist. Why should he be inconsistent? Rejection hurts tho. More hugs & kisses!

  2. He was a goof, and that is a professional assessment. I am pleased that you will not see him again, your GP though is great. Maybe he can point you to someone that will actually help you this time.

    big hugs!

    • Hugs back!
      My GP is being very kind but knows he can’t offer therapy so I am going to try seeing a psychologist again. He is sending me a list of some local people and then next week he will help me apply for the povo mental patient psychological assistance.

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