Invisible Mrs K.

I’ve been frequenting medical centres lately, which is obviously a great start to the new year and a super fun way to pass time. I hate being in rooms with people in general so sitting in waiting rooms full of sickness is a real kick to the balls of anxiety.

I alternate between not wanting to appear to be too sick (in case I am judged for my health? I’m not really sure why.) and letting out the occasional cough to warn people not to sit near me (I’m contagious!).

Yesterday I had an appointment at 11:15am and I had already been waiting for about fifteen minutes when I saw a sweet, little old lady wander up to the reception. “Excuse me, I’m Mrs K. and I had an appointment at 10:00am”, she told one of the receptionists. The receptionist looked up from whatever she was doing and said, “You’re late!”

Mrs K. looked very upset as she replied, “No, I’ve been here since ten and I’ve noticed all of these other people going in to see the doctor before me.”

“Well, did you tell us you were here?” The receptionist asked with her voice still full of conviction that Mrs K. was wrong.

Now this is where Mrs K. and I would part ways because I wouldn’t accept a crappy attitude from a receptionist, especially when feeling sick but she just sniffed a little bit and replied, ” I did tell you I was here. You even gave me this leaflet to read.”

I watched the receptionist’s face change as she had an ‘oh shit’ moment. Poor Mrs K. had been waiting for an hour and a half because the receptionist hadn’t marked off that she had arrived. “Well, we’ll see if we can fit you in.” She said.

I would have lost my shit but Mrs K. was obviously much more mature than I am. She stepped back from the desk and paused for a moment before she replied meekly, “Oh. Okay…” and wandered back to her seat. I shot her a look of sympathy and had she been seeing the same doctor as I was, I would have let her go in before me. Mrs K. ended up having to wait another ten or so minutes before she was finally seen and I hope that she got a big apology from the receptionist when she came out but somehow I doubt that she did.



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