Happy little pigeon communities

They all get along so well as they feast on the crumbs people leave for them. I wonder if they notice their differences.

It’s still 2015 here. Maybe even 2014. It could also possibly be 2008. Do you ever see a stranger in the supermarket and then keep seeing them as you walk down each aisle? I often wonder if I am in a movie and if that sort of encounter is one we will tell our grandchildren about one day. “She was looking intently at chia seeds but when I walked away she grabbed some organic chocolate.”

I always ruin those moments where I could smile and maybe create some sort of story. Nothing ever seems to happen like I imagine it would so I run away or avoid eye-contact before there is even a chance.

It wont stop raining here. Life is so much easier when it is raining because it’s a good excuse to do nothing at all, except when you have to do something or go somewhere- that’s stressful as hell.

Does it matter if I think people are talking in code around me? Are they really that intelligent? Do I really need to know what they are saying?

How is your year going?



7 thoughts on “Happy little pigeon communities

  1. Doubt people are talking in code. Whether they’re smart or not. So far my year isn’t new ENOUGH but I’m staring it down & it’s flinching. Hope your 2016 has precious things in it.

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