You work for the “freak show”, lady

While I was waiting to see my psychiatrist the other day, I overheard this conversation between another patient and a receptionist.

Receptionist: I wouldn’t go up to the shops today. It’s Bedlam up there!

Patient: Oh yeah, all of the Christmas shoppers. By the way, do you know where the word Bedlam comes from?

Receptionist: Bedlam? Hrm, no.

Patient: It was an old psychiatric hospital in London. They used to let people take tours of the place to stare at all of the crazy people chained up.

Receptionist: Oh, I’ve heard of uhm freak shows and stuff that went on in those days.

Patient: Imagine wealthy ladies with parasols taking tours of an insane asylum.

Receptionist: That’s insane! Uh… That’s crazy!



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