We all know that illness isn’t discriminatory but that won’t stop us from saying that it isn’t fucking fair when someone we care about gets ill. I don’t know when it would ever be fair for someone to be sick but there is a point of carelessness which seems to cover those who might “deserve it.”

News of loved ones in pain or sickness hits like a punch to the gut. We cry because the connection which carries love (and will always do so) also carries fear. We feel waves of their emotions and we wish we could make them better.

We pray to the being we hate the most because if he or she exists, they are the one who has let this happen.

That’s life, right? Bad shit happens to good people. It fucking sucks. It’s not fair. We have to use our anger as fuel to be strong and helpful. We can’t let ourselves get caught up in worst case scenarios even though our default mode is “catastrophic.”

And I pray to whoever or whatever is out there that it will be okay.


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