You work for the “freak show”, lady

While I was waiting to see my psychiatrist the other day, I overheard this conversation between another patient and a receptionist. Receptionist: I wouldn’t go up to the shops today. It’s Bedlam up there! Patient: Oh yeah, all of the Christmas shoppers. By the way, do you know where the word Bedlam comes from? Receptionist: […]

The end of therapy?

It’s not like me to be dramatic or anything, ha. You’ll probably see a pattern here. I am exceptionally good at rage-quitting therapy. I got into a huge fight with my moderately (generally) okay psychiatrist after he kept me waiting for 30 minutes while he went out to lunch with a colleague. He wouldn’t take […]

We all know that illness isn’t discriminatory but that won’t stop us from saying that it isn’t fucking fair when someone we care about gets ill. I don’t know when it would ever be fair for someone to be sick but there is a point of carelessness which seems to cover those who might “deserve […]