Against my religion

I’ve yet to try this out and it wouldn’t work on anyone who knows me well but I think I’ve discovered a great excuse to get out of a lot of situations and awkward conversations.

If someone is pestering me to try something out, sign up for something or do something I simply do not want to do and my generally polite way of saying no is not sufficient, I can say, “It’s against my religion”. Who is going to question that?

If people show up at my door wanting to talk about their religion I can tell them that it is against my religion. If anyone questions my religion I will say that it is against my religion to talk about my religion.

As it stands my actual religion is fairly vacant but no one needs to know that. It’s not complete bullshit. I don’t believe people should be made to feel uncomfortable or pressured into doing anything. I’m sure many or most religions would agree with this.

I’m not making fun of people with religious restrictions nor of anyone’s beliefs. I am simply awkward and it’s against my religion to say anything more than that.


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