I like your hair that way

Or I like what you’re wearing. You look nice today.

It suits you. That’s not to say you don’t look nice usually.


And you fumble as you try to come up with the right thing to say. It’s no big deal. This old thing. I was in a rush.

Inside your tattered mind though, you feel the same way you used to feel when you were a child. Approval. You’ve done something good today.

If you were confident and cool it would end here. You would go home feeling great and then move on.

Instead you plunge yourself into the future. Will you be wearing the same thing? Will your hair be different?

If you let them see you how you were today then they might think you’re trying to impress them, which you probably are but maybe the best way to impress someone is to make them think you don’t care.

You love the idea of them smiling if your hair is the same or they catch you in a repeated outfit but you don’t want them to think you did it just for them. Or maybe you do. Simultaneously you imagine looking completely different so that they might feel just a little bit smaller and less powerful.

It is just a nice compliment but once it gets to you it can really ruin an outfit or a hairdo!



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