The great conversationalist!

Me: “Hi!”

Her: “Hi!”

Me: Oh shit, did she ask me how I am? I’d better say something. *Quietly* “Fine thanks” *Louder* “How are you?”

Her: “Okay, thanks. How about you?”

Me: She’s smiling. Ugh, I guess she didn’t already ask me. Oh my god, what do I do now? She’s waiting for some sort of response. Why did she talk so quietly? Why didn’t I pay more attention? There is too much going on here! *Nodding like a weirdo* “Mmmhmmm…” What the hell kind of response is that? When has that ever been the right thing to say? I can’t take it back now. 

Her: *Stares at me, still smiling*

Me: *Looks away*


10 thoughts on “The great conversationalist!

  1. I don’t do small talk well either. I’ve never understood it. If there’s nothing to say why can’t people just smile, greet, give a little wave and then walk on? High five, fist bump and move on. Who cares how the weather is…you know? (You’re
    not alone here, is my point) xx

  2. LOL. Sorry. Forgive me for finding this humorous. Did you just simply float away too after a little while?? Are you able to see the humor in it too?

    Don’t worry about it, it was just one of your mum’s friends.

    Lots of hugs! ❤ ❤

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