A Good Girl

I had to go to the doctor today because I am bruising really badly. I also had to get a new referral to see my psychiatrist so two birds, one stone. I avoid waiting rooms when I can and today I chose to sit just outside of the doctor’s surgery. The staff there are used to my weirdness and they have no problem with this. Someone always collects me when its time for my appointment. As I was waiting today another patient came outside and started talking to me.

She was possibly a couple of years younger than me and she started talking about how hot it was. I agreed with her and looked back at my phone. She stood against a wall near me and asked if I was waiting to see the doctor. I told her I was and she asked why. Although it was a weird and personal question, I pointed to one of my big bruises and she asked me what happened. I told her I didn’t know. “They just keep appearing all over…”

“I’m just here for a sinus infection.” she sniffed and her father came outside. “I hope you feel better soon.” I said as she walked away. “You too!” she replied.

I saw my doctor and he sent me to have blood tests. “Do you have any problem with needles?” the pathologist asked me. “Doesn’t everyone?” I replied. He was a nice man and as he took my blood and I covered my eyes, he asked me all sorts of questions to try to distract me from what was going on. When I struggled to answer him he simply said, “You’re a good girl.” and I found this hilarious but I stayed composed.

My anxiety makes me freak out about what might be wrong with me but my depression makes me not even care. It’s quite a strange battle of thoughts going on in my head at the moment!


6 thoughts on “A Good Girl

  1. Did you get a lollipop? I would have held out for one. When do you get the results? Do you know? hmm that is one of those redundant questions.. the do you know part. I am still leaning toward a med being a blood thinner.

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