Sometimes I use an app that picks up sound and movement as I am sleeping. I know that I talk and move around in my sleep so it’s interesting to see what shows up on the app. This morning when I woke up I checked to see what I could hear and at around 12:00am there is a very strange recording.

I’ve listened to it over and over again trying to work out what I am saying. It almost sounds like I am speaking backwards and the voice which came out of my mouth gives me the shivers. It’s not my voice. I can’t even try to type out what I hear but I speak a few words, breathe heavily and then it cuts out. It’s very creepy!

Weird stuff like this is why I don’t like sharing a room with anyone.


11 thoughts on “Shivers

  1. I have a similar app and I use it for the same reason! I sleepwalk and sleep talk constantly and I’m always interested to see when I’m coming up with middle of the night. My husband, Dayne, sometimes spends hours listening to me ramble trying to figure out what I’m going on about, but he says that I don’t speak English. It’s just some kind of garbled speech that he can never make out. I have to say I’m kind of thankful for that most nights as it’s awfully frustrating to get in trouble for something you can’t even remember doing!

    I also got really creeped out when I either see video recordings of myself sleeping or hear audio recordings. Still interesting though.

  2. That is really intriguing, I’d need to find out more. I’ve often thought about buying a voice activation recorder. Is that a phone app you have?

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