S&S at the dentist

When I don’t go to the dentist for a while I forget about how much I love going to the dentist. That sounds strange because I also have a deep fear of going to the dentist, like pretty much everyone else, which is why I end up avoiding making appointments but once I am there I remember how nice my dentist is and how much she cares about all of her patients.

She always greets me with a huge smile and talks to me like we’re old friends. I hate the chair. She knows I hate the chair and she tries her best to make me feel at ease. She doesn’t lecture me or treat me like a child like some other professionals do when they’re made aware of my mental health problems. I always walk out of there feeling seen and heard.

I had to get a filling done the other day and I was given a little bit of happy gas to make me less nervous. I wasn’t scared about the pain, even though it was at times painful, I was nervous about feeling trapped in there. The gas really helped me settle down and it was like nothing really mattered. The voices around me were distorted and things felt strange but in a really nice way. Once everything was done I asked my dentist how long it would be until the gas wore off and she told me that it should have already wore off because she only used a small amount and then gave me some oxygen.

“Are you still feeling the effects?”, she asked me.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I am not sleeping very well so I am a bit out of it anyway.”, I told her and she put the oxygen mask back on me for a little while. She was concerned about my sleep and started asking some questions. I told her that I had recently stopped taking one of my medications and she wanted to know if my doctor was aware if he was monitoring me. I reassured her that he was aware but added that he wasn’t really monitoring me. “He doesn’t really care. I don’t really like him anymore.”, I said. We talked about my grinding/clenching and how some medications can make people do that. We also talked about how I came off benzos a year ago and my dentist was very impressed with this. She asked me if I had been given a diagnosis and I said told her that I had been given many but that my main issues were anxiety and depression. “There’s a lot of that in my family too.”, she said.

She gave me her personal business card and said to text or call her if I had any pain or issues with the tooth she had just filled. I really wish she was a therapist. I would happily swap my doctor for her.


8 thoughts on “S&S at the dentist

  1. Your dentist sounds like a keeper. I don’t like going to the dentist, but I do like him. I hate needles and I love that he hides it behind his knee before an injection. He then slowly starts to move his arm, which gives me time to close my eyes and compose myself.

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