You might like to make up your freaking mind!

I’m becoming quite familiar with the sleep/relaxation/hypnosis side of YouTube because I’ve stopped taking one of my medications and I am finding it really hard to get to sleep.

Guided relaxations have been pissing me off because I am able to predict what they’re going to say most of the time, “The back of the foot, the front of the foot, the WHOLE foot relaxed…” I found a great hypnosis video the other night and I think it actually worked pretty well because I don’t remember being awake for very long after listening to it. I can’t listen to the same video again though or I will have the same problem as the guided relaxations so I’ve been trawling through all sorts of other videos trying to get the same effect.

One video was far too indecisive. I started getting really pissed off at the voice which said things like, “You might want to imagine a shape or you might wish to think of something else.” Make up your mind! Tell me exactly what I should think of! I didn’t want any options. When things are left up in the air like that my mind isn’t creative enough to come up with it’s own symbols or whatever. Instead I start thinking about things in my life which are fucked up or how tired I will be if I can’t ever get to sleep. The video made me think of every day tasks and told me to remember them as dreams. That really isn’t a good suggestion for someone who has troubles with reality.

Eventually indecisive lady helped me or else I was simply bored and tired enough to get some sleep but then I was awake again an hour or so after that and again and again…


11 thoughts on “You might like to make up your freaking mind!

  1. Can you paint a picture in your mind as we have talked about before, gradually enhancing it until you doze off? You can do this by sort of planning an activity for tomorrow, something simple even like boiling an egg, focusing on each action, seeing the bubbles in the pan…

  2. Oh, honey, I’ve had insomnia since 2005 and have tried so many CDs and videos and tapping and hypnosis (at the hypnotist’s office), sleep studies, 20 odd medications, neurologist and acupuncture visits, lavender baths and hot tea, no TV at night, doing all the steps of “sleep hygiene” and finally just gave up. People are well-meaning but can never really fix you with their advice. I agree that once you’ve seen the video, instead of getting tired, you just anticipate what they are about to say, which is even more stimulating than coffee. So now if I get 2 hrs, then I get 2 hrs. If I drop dead, then I drop dead and go to heaven where everyone sleeps well. But I’ve had many nights of 1-2 hrs and I’m still alive. Life goes one. We still have so much to see and do, even when we are sleep-deprived–sunsets and sunrises, birds and dogs and otters holding hands, zoos and movies and aquariums, bubbly Cokes and flattering blouses, cheese straws and cookies–so much to enjoy!

    • You really made me smile (with my tired looking face!) so thank you very much for that. It gets tiring just thinking about “sleep hygiene” and it frustrates me that when I can’t sleep, it must be my fault. I don’t really believe it is my fault but doctors are always like, are you doing this? Are you doing that? blah, blah, blah!
      I’m hoping this is just a temporary adjustment to coming off a medication and maybe it will settle soon. I’m really craving a nice glass of coke now! 🙂

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