We’re already living together in my head. We lie out in the sun by the pool and talk about maybe going for a drive later in the day. My favourite song starts to play and I kick my arms and legs in excitement. You laugh, pull me up and we dance like idiots. You jump into the pool and tell me that the water is beautiful. I slowly climb down the steps to join you all the while complaining about how freezing it is.

We have hammocks and beanbags in our living room. There are pillows everywhere. You accept that I am a picky eater and we do not feel compelled to dine together. Over time we lose more of our differences and our interests merge. We only need each other.

It can start at any moment. One text. Not even words. A picture or a smiley face. It will be the invasion of your day that makes you remember. You will respond. You hate to leave a message unanswered.

It doesn’t have to get complicated.

There’s a hug. Pure connection. Nothing else has to be said or done. Our story has already been written in my head.


9 thoughts on “Daydreamer

  1. Beautiful. You do deserve someone wonderful. Just wait…I think God will bring your beloved to you in time.

  2. Chin up, all will work out in the end. Thing is none of us know when or how long that is, right? Good things come to those who wait. So maybe something incredible is waiting for you. That’s my wish for you. Hugs Paula xxx

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