Lots of different smiles lately.

Nervous smiles:

  • When shopping with my friend and we ran into some of her family.
  • When receiving a present.
  • When trying to make smalltalk with guests at my parents place.


Silly smiles:

  • When thinking of some of my secret, crazy thoughts.
  • When driving alone and coming up with brilliant banter.
  • When walking and realising that I was saying my thoughts out loud like I usually do at home or in the car.


The most genuine smiles:

  • Being able to help my friend out.
  • Taking my sort of niece to see Santa.
  • Holding my sort of nephew, who is getting older and less fragile every day.
  • Watching a cute video of my nephew and smiling along with him.
  • Making my mum laugh with my weird sense of humour.
  • Being wished a Merry Christmas by another Santa in a supermarket.
  • Spending time with my cat.


I need these smiles. I have to try to space them out because next year things will go upside down and there’s nothing I can do about that.


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