Peanut butter, avocado, cheese and rice

I had a good day today. How rare and noteworthy. I got to spend time with my sort of niece and sort of nephew but it was different because we went out and I got to spend time with each of them individually. I also got to have a pretty good chat with my friend and I found out she is struggling a bit- not that that is a good thing but it was good to have a bit of an honest conversation.

I didn’t eat for the whole day because “Oh no, I can’t have that. I’m gluten-free.” or “I’m really not that hungry anyway.” but eventually I did get hungry so here I am at 10pm eating a strange concoction of a special 100% peanuts peanut butter (I don’t even like peanut butter but I guess this is okay because it is just pulverised peanuts), avocado, cheese and rice. Super gourmet. Bleh, it’s actually okay if I don’t mix the food.

It’s bed time!


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