Making an ass out of just me

I had to go to one of the centres for my health fund so I could claim some money back for medication and as usual I stood off to the side rather than sitting down with everyone else who was waiting in the queue. Sitting down with people really freaks me out. As I was standing awkwardly and pretending to be reading my receipts, I saw a man who was being served look over at me. Then the lady serving him looked at me. I assumed that they thought I was suspicious or that they could see how nervous I was so I tried to make myself look like less of a freak until it was my turn at the desk.

I was served by the same lady who served the man and she was very friendly. She told me that the man told her that I looked like a certain celebrity and I told her that people have said that before. She also said that the man said I was beautiful and then she laughed and said he was a married man! I responded with the weirdest laugh I have ever produced and we carried on sorting out my claims.

So there we go. One time out of not many that I was proven wrong and that someone was looking at me in a nice way and not because they thought I was hideous, crazy or stupid.


4 thoughts on “Making an ass out of just me

  1. 🙂 I think many are looking in a nice way, you are perhaps self conscious and thinking otherwise. Taking a compliment is often hard, we fluff them off, laugh in a goofy way or blush.. or trip… Then we blush again. Try just a smile Miss Sunbeams.

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