Gluten-Free (Oh and I am really gross and messed up)

I’ve stopped eating gluten to see if it has an effect on my mood and physical well-being. It’s not a huge deal to cut out gluten. I don’t eat a lot of pasta and gluten-free bread is actually pretty nice. There’s a lot of gluten in things like sauces, dressings and even my beloved Vegemite  so I have to be careful of what I am eating. I’m also in one of my vegetarian phases so I am pretty much just eating salad and rice.

I’ve been gluten-free for about a week now and my mood is no different. Gluten stays in the body for ages though so I don’t know. I guess I am hoping for some sort of miracle or for things to get better for me. I still have no energy but maybe I haven’t been as nauseous as usual. My anxiety seems no better and my depression hasn’t changed. Yesterday I had the weirdest impulse to WAIT THIS IS REALLY GROSS SO DON’T READ IT IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT! I had an impulse to cut off a piece of my flesh and to eat it. Ugh, I told you it was gross! I didn’t do it but the thought is still there. Don’t get freaked out. I wouldn’t really do it. It’s like an intrusive thought.

I think the best thing about going gluten-free is that I have a good excuse not to eat with other people. I know there are places that provide gluten-free meals but I happen to be a really picky eater so I have that excuse too.


15 thoughts on “Gluten-Free (Oh and I am really gross and messed up)

  1. Okay…this might be a very strange thing to suggest, but is there any chance you aren’t getting enough protein? My body craves strange things at times and I usually end up discovering that what I wanted to eat contained something I was seriously lacking. Example, I *hate* liver….(it’s just made my stomach turn to think of it) but on occasion I’ll be desperate to eat it. Iron, in that case, is what I think the deficit is. Maybe you’re needing protein so your body wants to eat flesh?

    I might just be imagining that. :S I hope the gluten thing helps in the end.

  2. From what I have read, it can take 4 months or so. Drinking lots of water can help to speed this up. Watch your proteins though, as I nagged about in my email. This could be your energy problem. I am sure of this. oh, I just read Grainnes comment, see we agree. 🙂

  3. I stopped eating gluten a couple of years ago now because I’m a bit intolerant to wheat not just gluten, and you’re right, it’s pretty easy these days with the GF pastas and breads all the major supermarkets are selling.
    The first thing I did notice was that I didn’t feel sick and didn’t get uncomfortable bloating and foggy head the next day. It takes the body a little while to readjust but if you eat pretty cleanly it shouldn’t take too long.

    • Did coming off gluten do much for your mood? It’s good that it has helped you physically and that you don’t get a foggy head anymore.
      Do you find it expensive buying gluten-free/wheat-free food? I’m too lazy to make anything from scratch.

      • I think I became a lot less anxious after cutting it out, but it was so long ago I can’t recall.
        Unfortunately GF and other “natural” foods tend to cost a lot more for some strange reason, even though all they do is just switch the grain that they use.
        If you go to Coles they have a great pasta selection that actually tastes, and has the same consistency as, real pasta. It’s Coles brand and it’s only $3 a box/packet. Normally I’d try and support other brands rather than the big supermarket chains, but it’s the best one I’ve had (and I’ve tried a lot!)

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