In Me

I dreamt that I had a baby sister named W. It wasn’t short for anything, it was just Double U. Double You. Get it? She was the younger version of me and I had to protect her from all of the evil in the world.

We were playing in one of the rooms at my mum’s house when I noticed a woman standing outside. She came right up to the window and was staring at us so in my usual polite way I told her to get lost. She wouldn’t leave and instead she pulled out a knife and cut the screen on the window. I couldn’t stop her from coming inside so I quickly hid W and pulled a blanket over myself to hide too, I guess. The woman stabbed a circle around me and I pretended that she was stabbing me. I cried out in pain and finally I pretended to be dying. When the woman was finished with whatever ritual she was performing, she grabbed me by the head and whispered in my ear, “Now it is in you.”

I looked up at her and whatever evil thing she was trying to possess me with came powering out of me in a blast of light which hit the woman and threw her back outside.


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