Making plans to see my brother

I’m supposed to be seeing my brother today because my mum had a go at him and told him to be a more supportive brother or something like that. His girlfriend is coming too and we were meant to all go shopping together not far from where I live. Then my brother wanted me to drive halfway to his house and I said I didn’t want to because I didn’t want to just abandon my car somewhere and also it wouldn’t have worked because then we would have had to drive back to my car after shopping and it just made no sense. I was stressed and I just wanted him to pick me up like he originally said he would. Then he wanted me to go to their place for lunch. I freaked out and asked if we could just go shopping like we originally planned. He was fine with that. Then he wanted me to drive halfway again! What the hell? I got so mad and said if it is too much of an effort to pick me up then we should just cancel. Then he said it was fine and we would stick to the original plan.

Today I got a text saying the plan has changed. He told me we were going to his place first and then driving all the way back here to go shopping. I called him and got really angry. I hate when plans change and he knows this. I told him that I didn’t want to do that and that I just wanted to go shopping. He told me that we will have to go back to his place because his girlfriend is still there with a friend.

He’s late. Again. I know I sound so whiny and pathetic but I get so stressed out about these sorts of things. I am nervous to see my brother and nervous to see his girlfriend. It was just supposed to be a trip to a nearby and familiar place and now I have to go somewhere I don’t know and I could be stuck there because I can’t rely on my brother to notice if I am anxious or if I need to leave.

On the positive side, once we leave his house and hopefully make it back to this part of the city, I can just ask my brother to drive me home instead of maybe having to go somewhere else with them.


6 thoughts on “Making plans to see my brother

      • I’ve learned to let things go when it comes to my brother, and it makes it easier that he lives in a different city a while away.
        But when it comes to my partner, it’s the same thing! I can’t stand messages like “I’ll let you know” and when he doesn’t tell me what’s going on.

      • At least he tells you he will let you know though. I’ll try to let things go with my brother too. I’ve had to already. I used to get so worked up about him running late and now I pretty much expect it. It still annoys me but what can I do, eh?

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