How Do You Change What You Believe?

I could say that my favourite colour is purple and really believe it but what if my entire apartment is decorated with green? What if I only wear green and paint my nails green. What if I eat lots of green food and drive a green car? To anyone else it would probably seem that my favourite colour is green so which colour is my favourite? The one which I claim to be my favourite or the one which everyone else sees and assumes is my favourite? It’s purple, right?

If I see myself as ugly, useless, a freak or whatever else then that’s what I believe. How can I change what I believe when I only believe what I think is true? Even if other people say that I am not these things, why should I believe them? Why should I believe them if they say that my favourite colour is green when it is actually purple? If I tell someone that I don’t believe in Santa and they tell me to just believe in him, is it going to change what I think? I don’t think so. I cant just believe in something because someone tells me to try to.

My psychiatrist tries to convince me that what I think might not be an accurate representation of reality but if I believe it to be true (and generally here I am referring to long-ingrained beliefs about myself) then isn’t it as true as purple being my favourite colour?


8 thoughts on “How Do You Change What You Believe?

  1. S’up to you to decided what you want to believe about yourself.
    If you do want to maybe perhaps change it a little, then just start small, like, instead of saying “I love myself” and not believe it, you could say, “you know, today I did alright” and know it.
    I know how frustrating self love can be. My advice is to not be so hard on yourself each day. Give yourself a break xx

      • Hahaha, yeah, true!
        Don’t worry, I have someone helping me to love myself too and I know how hard it is. Just stay in the grey area for a while and try not to measure it by any standards..
        I mean, I just got some not-so-great news today from someone that made me feel horrid about myself, but I’m in a place where I can say, “hang on, I’m not worthless” – after I cried a little, of course.
        It is possible! Lol.

      • Sorry that you got some not so great news. I’m impressed with how you handled it though. Thank you so much for sharing your positivity. I really like to see how others cope with life and maybe I can try to just find a little bit of a silver lining in each situation. Or some sort of evidence against what I believe. Have a lovely weekend! 😀

  2. Maybe if you understand why you believe the things you believe, you’ll be freer to choose which one it really is. I understand your challenge.
    But if you think about this in a bigger picture and not just about how you see yourself, society and our culture tells us things about life, and we learn these things from so early on, that we believe these things to be “nature”, that’s “just the way it is”, no questions asked. But really we are imprisoned by our culture, what we believe isn’t necessarily logical or rational, but we believe it is those things because it has become “nature” for us. Once we realize the impact our surroundings has on our worldview and lifeview we will become more free, and more able to choose for ourselves what we really believe to be right. If you find out why you really think you’re ugly and worthless, and then try to make a reasonable decision whether the reason is a good enough one.

    Was this understandable? I think I should take this advice myself, because I think those same things about myself, and I have no idea how I’m supposed to believe people around me, because they’re obviously wrong, right?


    • Hey Marie,
      That is a really intelligent answer and I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. You’re right about us being imprisoned by our culture or what society think but I don’t know how that could ever change because I don’t know… majority rules? Even if I thought that they were all wrong about what they think of me it wouldnt matter because they would still think it.
      But then I know my favourite colour is purple so does it matter if everyone else thinks it is something else?
      My reply to your comment is really dumb, I am sorry!

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