A walk with S&S

I’m walking along a footpath and I see a woman walking towards me. I step to one side but I know we’re going to end up doing the pedestrian dance. I go left, she goes left. I go right, she goes right. We’re both so serious. She’s probably had a hard day at work and I’ve spent the last couple of hours obsessively trying to look “acceptable” enough to leave the house.

We finally pass each other and I start grinning like an idiot. There are other people around me now and I try so hard to stifle my urge to giggle.

It’s not funny. Don’t laugh. Everyone is staring at you. Why are you smiling like that? What is wrong with you?

I bury my giggle deep inside like a secret to save for later but when I get home all I can do is cry.


4 thoughts on “A walk with S&S

  1. So, it was very good …. instead to keep your giggle as secret, you should try to have a walk more often. Sometime, good things happen on the street 😉
    A big hug for you

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