My Senior Prince

I was walking to the chemist because that’s the sort of fascinating life that I lead and of course I was looking immaculate (ha!). I felt self-conscious because I always feel self-conscious so I listened to music and tried to pick up my medications as quickly as possible. As a socially-anxious person I often feel like people are staring at me. It’s like people can tell how flawed I am and maybe they can but that isn’t a very good reason to stare. “Hrm so she’s flawed, let’s stare and make her feel even worse.”, Do people work like that? I have no idea.

To my right I noticed an elderly gentleman because he seemed to notice me first. He started to go into a shop but instead he stopped and started staring. My head was filling with all sorts of worries like, “Did I put my clothes on inside out? Have I got something on my face? Am I doing anything particularly strange?” It wasn’t enough for the man to stop and stare. As I got closer he smiled like he recognised that I needed a smile and he said, “Good morning.” I am sure that if he had a hat he would have tipped it like a true gentleman. I smiled back and kept walking although slightly less hurriedly and more appreciative of some of the kind souls out there.


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