It’s still alive. I can see it twitching beneath a coating of flour in the butcher’s window. “They’re frozen solid. They’re completely dead.”, He tries to convince me but I know though that fear is the best marinade. I want to save them all but there are just too many. “I’ll sell you the rabbit for $40.”, he says with a grin. I brush the flour off it’s delicate fur and hug it with my hands to thaw it out. It thrashes about in fear as I bring it back to life. It can’t quite deal with how close it came to no longer existing. This rabbit is not fluffy or cute. It’s eyes are set wide open and are blackened by the restarted blood flow. It’s angry that I have brought it back so it bites my finger. “Maybe I could take it for walks on a harness.” I say in complete denial as it runs away and is lost from my sight.


5 thoughts on “Marinade

  1. Hey, do you wanna come over tonight? We could … I was gonna say make some dinner or something, but then I know that you don’t like eating with others, so that’s scratched 😛 … But we could see a movie, if you like that stuff, or play Scrabble, if you like that stuff, or just chat, maybe drink some tea, if that’s not into the whole not eating in front of others thing. Or do you like hot chocolate?

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