We’re All Mad

So that’s how he does it. He just packs up his stuff and leaves. The only reason I found out is because I needed to drop something over to his old place right in the middle of his moving out.

It makes me so mad. This is my brother. He’s supposed to tell me what’s going on. He’s supposed to talk to our family. He’s not moving to anywhere close by. He’s chosen an area which is completely foreign to me. We will never see each other anymore. I hate him for this.

This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people but it’s a huge deal to me because I haven’t got much of a support network anymore. My social contact is dwindling and my brother was always the person I felt the least anxious around. He knows our parents are moving soon and he hasn’t even asked if I will be okay. He’s very impulsive, another borderline perhaps?

My family is so fake. We’re supposed to talk to each other, right? We’re supposed to have some sort of idea of what is going on in each others’ lives. I don’t want to have to be the centre of communication in my family. Someone is always pissed off with someone else and I am so sick of it.


9 thoughts on “We’re All Mad

  1. The title of your post strongly resonates with me. We ARE all mad. Each in our own way. I think if we can accept this fact, it might be just a bit easier to get on with our life. One thing is sure, we can’t control anyone, but we can control our reaction to what others do. Forgive your brother, it’ll do you good. Hugs ❤ Irina

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ll probably always forgive my brother but I am still angry. I hate seeing how his actions affect others, like my mum.
      Even if he is trying to push his family away, we will always be there for him, we’re annoying like that! 🙂

  2. Of course this would be a big deal to most people. It would be incomprehensible if my sister moved without telling anyone. I’m not close to my family, but for one of them to move without a word? You certainly deserve better than that.

  3. No matter what his reasons are (guilt maybe?) he should have told you. I’m glad you caught him before he left though. Showing up to visit him and finding him already gone seems even worse, somehow.

    • Thanks Grainne. It’s crazy that if I hadn’t found out that he was moving, he wouldn’t have told any of us and would probably have pretended to still be living at his old house. He’s afraid of talking to anyone in my family and we have no idea why. I think you’re right, there is a lot of guilt involved.

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