Because sometimes you just have to f*cking do things

A bed is never more comfortable than when you’re supposed to be getting up. You’re grouchy but you get up anyway because if you don’t, you’ll be late for your appointment and you’re never late. You force some cereal into your mouth. Breakfast is normal. Eating is good for you. You shower and get dressed. […]

Life is getting in the way of life (and death)

It’s not my life but it’s this life which is suppressed. I would love to say that it is compassion which keeps me around because I DO care about others much more than I care about myself but really thinking about doing anything, good or bad, makes me stall and feel tremendously guilty. I am […]

My Senior Prince

I was walking to the chemist because that’s the sort of fascinating life that I lead and of course I was looking immaculate (ha!). I felt self-conscious because I always feel self-conscious so I listened to music and tried to pick up my medications as quickly as possible. As a socially-anxious person I often feel […]


It’s still alive. I can see it twitching beneath a coating of flour in the butcher’s window. “They’re frozen solid. They’re completely dead.”, He tries to convince me but I know though that fear is the best marinade. I want to save them all but there are just too many. “I’ll sell you the rabbit […]

Psych Ward Photo

After you sign yourself into their care they’re going to take your photo. You’ll stare blankly at the camera. You might wipe away tears and try to regain some composure but you wont smile because smiling during a psych ward admission seems ridiculous. You wont get to see how the photo turned out until later […]