I still hate eggs–dinner fail!

I thought I would give eggs another chance after not eating them for years and being generally repulsed by them unless they’re IN something, like cake! I saw an itty bitty fry-pan at the supermarket and that was the real reason I bought half a dozen eggs. The fry-pan was so cute and just the right size for one small egg to cook in.

Maybe I am low on protein or something but an egg sandwich started to sound good. I wanted to conquer my aversion and perhaps awaken some taste-buds while doing so. I got out my little pan, cracked an egg into it and watched it cook. Meanwhile I cut up some vegetables and made some toast. Everything looked so perfect. The egg seemed to be having a bit of trouble cooking but it got there eventually. “This is a real feast.”, I told myself. I assembled my creation and sat down to eat.

As I cut into the sandwich, the yolk drizzled out. I took a bite and spat it straight out again. The yolk was raw. It was disgusting. I pulled the egg out of the sandwich and although I no longer had any sort of appetite, I didn’t want the egg to beat me. I put it back in the pan, sunny-side down.

I cooked the dear life out of that egg, toasted some more bread and tried again. That’s when I noticed the smell that makes me leave any sort of cafe or restaurant. The smell of cooked eggs. “I’ll cover it all in tomato sauce (ketchup), just so I can at least attempt to eat this beast.” I thought.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even eat the toast because it had touched the egg. I offered it to the cat and she didn’t want it either. It went into two plastic bags tied tightly and then into the bin. Then I had to deal with the smell. I rinsed everything that touched the egg with vinegar and put the dishes and cutlery into the sink to soak in hot, soapy water.

I lit a stick of incense and put it in my kitchen to try to cover the smell.

This is why I pretty much live off vegetables and rice!

Anyone want five eggs?


6 thoughts on “I still hate eggs–dinner fail!

  1. Lol, my daughter is weird-ed out by eggs at the moment. She used to love them poached but now I have to fry the shit out of them. I think she experienced one where the white was under cooked, you know where it’s kind of like clear phlegm and straggles off your fork?

    I know what you mean about the smell though. Sometimes I’ll fry some egg whites and leave the little pan in the sink and my husband puts it in the dishwasher and the smell gets through everything. You can’t use any glass that went through the same wash because as soon as you put it near your mouth you get the egg whiff.

    • Egg phlegm! *Shudders* I think I had the yolk version of that.
      What is it about the smell? It is so hard to get rid of it! My dishes are still soaking in the sink. Last night I added vanilla essence, peppermint essence and lemon essence to the soapy water. Now I am too scared to deal with it!

  2. I used to like eggs too, but now I detest eating them unless, like you, they are hidden inside a cake. Only a cake though. I tried to stomach one when I made my partner boiled eggs a year or so ago – I finally had GF toast, so I could join in the dunking fun – but I hated it. It even made my stomach upset. Every time I see a nice egg now and am attempted to eat some I always remind myself of how gross I find them and the urge goes away.
    I have no idea what it is about egg but it is just weird eating another creatures undeveloped egg that could have been a chicken one day.

    • It is weird thinking about an undeveloped chick. I tried to hatch an egg by sitting on it when I was a kid. It didn’t work, ha!
      Oh well, we’re not missing out on much. It’s not like eggs are chocolate or something! 🙂

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