Cuticles are just finger gums

1. Buy the wrong toothbrush replacement heads. Go back to the store and buy the right toothbrush to fit the heads instead of exchanging them.

2. Feel like a freak at the pharmacy when asking which hay-fever medication wont interact with my millions of medications.

3. Spend too much time picking at cuticles and looking at teeth and gums in the mirror.

4. Get up early to see friend. Wait anxiously for friend to be ready to see me. Get annoyed over the fact that I could have been sleeping this whole time.

5. Care a little too much about Big Brother 2014.

6. Fill house with origami.

7. High five the cat.

8. Get really scared about terrorism.

9. Dream about something being stolen from me but not knowing what it is.

10. Feel relieved and disappointed when friend cancels. Laugh over the fact that most of that disappointment comes from the fact that I got dressed up and now I have nowhere to go.


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