Yesterday my brother and I had to meet up with family a couple of hours away. I decided to drive because I hate driving long distances and it’s important for me to try to challenge myself. The drive there was fine. We had funny and good conversations and played games like, “The next person you see is your future husband or wife.”

The drive back was a nightmare. We left too late, which was a mistake because driving in the dark in unfamiliar areas is super stressful for me. The only thing which would have made it worse would have been if it were raining. Despite the GPS, we got a little bit lost and ended up driving down some very isolated, dark and scary roads. It felt like we were in a horror movie. “Agh! Any minute now a ghost is going to appear in front of the car!”, I said to my brother. He agreed that it was spooky but told me I was doing a good job driving. A big truck came up behind us and flashed it’s high beams. “He’s going to run us off the road!”, I screamed. “Candy Cane…”, my brother whispered creepily. We laughed nervously.

As we made our way back, everything my brother did started to annoy me. I was really on edge and I just wanted to get home. Maybe I should have pulled over and let my brother drive but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. “No music!”, I screamed! “Stop that!”, I told my brother if he hummed or started moving around too much. It’s really great driving with me when I am anxious! My brother was allowed to talk to me though. As co-pilot he had three jobs: to make sure we were going the right way, to encourage and generally praise my driving skills and to keep me entertained and alert with interesting conversations.

Next time he can drive!


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