Appropriate Threats

One of my family members is a compulsive liar. This is how our conversations seem to go lately-

Borderline VS Liar:

B- Why the hell don’t you answer your phone anymore? It’s impossible to get a hold of you! What if I needed you?

L- Sorry, my phone was on silent.

B- Bullshit it was on silent! Anyway, I called like five times. Didn’t you see all of the missed calls?

L- Oh okay. It was on silent. Maybe I need to check the volume of my phone… Maybe something is wrong with it… So, what’s up?

B- Why do you lie?

L- So, anyway…

B- Why do you lie?


B- When you lie to me it makes me want to… (hang myself? cut off my arm? scratch my face off? A bit dramatic, perhaps!) …it makes me want to punch myself in the face.

L- Um, why?

B- I am so sick of your lies! You lie about everything, even things which don’t matter! How would that make you feel if I punched myself in the face every time you lied? I will start doing that! That would make you feel bad, wouldn’t it?

L- Yes.

B- So, anyway…



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