Razor nails and I can’t interact appropriately

Beauty school drop-out: I over-buffed my fingernails the other day and then accidentally sliced up my hand with my razor-sharp pinkie nail. That was dumb. The nails haven’t served any purpose since I ruined them (not that they were that purposeful before) it’s not like they can shred paper or chop up vegetables.

Awkward social interaction: Waiting at the pedestrian crossing and some young boys decided to run across without waiting for the red man- so hardcore, right? I had a bit of an internal “tut tut” moment and so did a car full of some guys. One of them yelled out something to me and I made a show of pulling out my headphones. He said whatever he was trying to say but I couldn’t hear him because of the traffic so I stood there awkward and confused and he and his mates laughed at me.

He can’t bloody hear you moment: Driving down my driveway and seeing one of my neighbours who waved and smiled. I said hello. I had my windows up. He couldn’t hear me. I tried to smile away my stupidity.

Rage moment: I was leaving a car park and so was the lady in the spot next to mine. She was taking her time so I started to reverse out and turn. She decided that it was the perfect time to almost back into me! She obviously hadn’t checked any of her mirrors because I was right there, mid-turn behind her! I didn’t beep the horn. I didn’t get out and yell at her. Instead I had one of my out loud conversations with my invisible passengers about what an idiot she was because I am too socially awkward to confront people in situations like that.

And on a positive note: I’m getting to sleep much more quickly now. I’m still sleeping the day away though. Last night I had a dream that I had to carry two goats somewhere and the correct way to carry them was one on each shoulder with a foot (hoof?) from each in my mouth! What the hell? It was so gross. I went through bottles of dream mouthwash after that!





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