Cuticles are just finger gums

1. Buy the wrong toothbrush replacement heads. Go back to the store and buy the right toothbrush to fit the heads instead of exchanging them. 2. Feel like a freak at the pharmacy when asking which hay-fever medication wont interact with my millions of medications. 3. Spend too much time picking at cuticles and looking […]

What They Say Vs What I Hear

“You’re looking well.” I can’t see anything wrong with you so why are you still doing fuck all with your life? “You look healthy.” You look fat. “Have you lost weight?” You’re looking amazing. “I haven’t heard from you in ages.” You’d better explain yourself right now. “You look tired.” You look like shit and […]

That’s So Cool

I wake up with classical music playing in my head: my own funeral. It’s too bright outside. As much as I hated winter, I have trouble adapting to the sunshine and the smells of spring seeping through my window. In my dreams I fly a lot. I fly from spinning swing rides and crash into […]

Appropriate Threats

One of my family members is a compulsive liar. This is how our conversations seem to go lately- Borderline VS Liar: B- Why the hell don’t you answer your phone anymore? It’s impossible to get a hold of you! What if I needed you? L- Sorry, my phone was on silent. B- Bullshit it was […]