Good Sleep!

I slept pretty well last night and my mood reflects that. I still don’t feel like doing anything but I feel okay with that. I don’t feel like I am being lazy and worthless. I had a big day out yesterday so I am okay with just mooching around today. Obviously with a bit of sleep in me, I have much more energy than usual. Every day tasks like having a shower don’t seem like a massive effort.

I hope I can correct my sleeping habits because it’s nice not feeling as gloomy as I normally do.

This is just a short post to remind myself that I don’t feel like crap 100% of the time! 😀


8 thoughts on “Good Sleep!

  1. I think this sort of post – the ones which, as you say, remind us that we don’t feel like crap 100% of the time – is really important. I’ve been spending some time today re-reading old posts, and it’s fascinating to read and feel those rises and falls in mood. I hope the “not 100% crap” feeling extends into tomorrow!

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