A Day Out With Me!

I hope you like getting up early because we’re leaving at 10:40am. That means you should get up at around 8:30am, which is hard when you can’t sleep at night!

What to wear?! I think a dress would be nice with some thick stockings and a warm coat. Actually, it’s pissing down with rain. Maybe go for those new pants you got. They look good but the only shoes which will go with them are boots with a heel and you can’t drive in heels (well,I can’t). You could wear “driving shoes” or you could just put on jeans and flats.

It’s time to leave! Hurry out the door. At least it has stopped raining, sort of. Ugh, a bit of traffic already. We won’t be late. We might be late. It’s raining again so we’ll drive extra carefully.

Oh hey that dude didn’t indicate. Well at least he indicated that he is an arsehole! Hah!

We made it to my appointment with ten minutes to spare. That’s ten minutes of awkwardness if we sit in the waiting room or ten minutes of boredom if we wait in the car. Let’s stay in the car and listen to music.

The appointment is over. It went okay but didn’t really resolve anything. Time to head home but hey, what about going shopping? Father’s Day is coming up! Let’s impulsively pull into the car park. I’m glad we brought an umbrella, this weather is horrid but it will be nice and warm in the shopping centre, we just have to walk for a little bit because we’re parked outside. Don’t mind the inside out umbrella or your lovely sopping wet clothes. There’s some shelter over there and we can wait out the rain a little bit. 

Maybe we should look at some new clothes while we’re here. This looks nice and we’ll need some new nail polish too. Oh, there’s that illuminating cream which I really need but they only have the tester and no one is around to help. Let’s wait at the counter. We’re far too important for this waiting business, right? Let’s storm out and dump the tester on a random shelf to teach the store a lesson. (The store doesn’t care.)

We’ll have to go somewhere else now. Maybe Myer will have it. Do you hate shopping? I am so bored of it already. I found what I want but which counter do I go to? It’s not a Chanel product but there’s a lady at the Chanel counter. She puts my purchase through but doesn’t give me a bag which is a shame because it would be nice to pretend to have bought something from Chanel.

Seriously let’s get out of here. Are you hungry? I am starving. Let’s get some water and then go. Let’s look in the pharmacy first though. I want some Vitamin E cream. Ugh, the girl is asking too many questions. She thinks I have a whopper of a scar hidden somewhere under my clothes. I don’t want to tell her that I am covered in scars. The real reason I want the Vitamin E cream is because my skin is dry from winter. I’m well beyond trying to heal my scars!

Let’s get out of here. School zones are cool zones. I really don’t mind only doing 40km/h. I don’t mind traffic either if I am not in a hurry. Park the car and there’s a neighbour. Let’s just pretend we’re busy for a moment so we can avoid any interaction.

Yay! Back inside! That means pyjama time even though it is only just after 3pm! I don’t know about you but that was a huge day for me!



4 thoughts on “A Day Out With Me!

  1. I clicked “Like” & it worked! I’ve tried only once before…& failed. You probably think I was living in wilderness what with my just now learning how to interact.

    • I got lime flavoured water because I didn’t want to eat at the shops and I could drink it as I drove home.
      I wonder if people roast kangaroo. They sell roo mince and roo steaks at the supermarket. Gross!
      The session was just kind of blah. He kept asking so many questions and I was like, “I don’t know!” over and over. Then he was like, “I seem to be irritating you with all of these questions, what do you want to talk about?” so we talked about movies and tv shows.

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