Good Sleep!

I slept pretty well last night and my mood reflects that. I still don’t feel like doing anything but I feel okay with that. I don’t feel like I am being lazy and worthless. I had a big day out yesterday so I am okay with just mooching around today. Obviously with a bit of […]

My Dream House

I live in an apartment and it’s okay here but I often daydream about living somewhere else. I can’t pinpoint a location because a lot of what I want contradicts itself. I want to live in a remote area that is close to the city, next to the beach and with plenty of bushland around […]

You Didn’t Ask

Me: I lowered the dose on my antidepressant because I think it’s making my hair fall out. Doc: Your hair looks fine. It looks like a full head of hair to me. (He smiles) Me: No. When I shower or brush my hair it falls out. Doc: That’s normal. Are you pulling it out? Me: […]